LSAT PrepTest Explanations for Logic Games

I've already described how to learn to do LSAT Logic Games at the beginning of your preparation. However, I'm now organizing my other LG-related blog posts so you can easily find explanations I've written for newer Logic Games.

(You can also download comprehensive Logic Games explanations for PrepTests 52-61.)


  1. Popping-the-170-CherrySeptember 26, 2010 at 3:03 AM

    Hi, Steve:

    Thanks for this awesome LSAT game list.

    I'm wondering if -- time provided-- you could make up some games that mimic recent (i.e.: PT 50 and above) LSAT games. I thought that the games you made-up a while back were rocking; I'm hoping that you'd be able to do the same thing, except this time for games that are found in PT >50.

  2. Hi Steve

    Am I missing a post on how to solve Games from the "Next" book? I'm at the point where I'm almost whizzing through most of the tests (once I figure out the correct set up), but I CANNOT figure out Game 4, Test 38, or Game 3, Test 36. I know they are "very difficult", but I can't even figure out how to start! Thanks, Beth

  3. @Popping-the-170-Cherry

    Glad to help and that you've enjoyed my games! LSAT Logic Games haven't changed as much as you would think, so the ones I've written are still perfectly relevant. Of course, there have been minor shifts in emphasis, and it would be nice to write some new games to give examples of those shifts.

    However, writing new logic games takes a great deal of time. (Try it sometime and you'll see!) For this reason, I'd rather focus on writing blog posts on specific LSAT topics rather than writing new LSAT questions, at least for the moment.

    Good news, though. Some blog readers have submitted Logic Games they've written, and I will be publishing those games in the coming weeks.


    The post linked at the topic of this post covers my LSAT-related posts for the games in the "Next 10" book. At the moment, I have not written explanations for most Logic Games - only select games. I may cover them in the future. Glad you're whizzing through most tests, though!

  4. I am having troubles with PrepTest 29 Section 3 question 20. My answer key says that holly is the correct answer, but I am having a hard time figuring out why it is her as that is not the answer that I got. Thanks!

  5. Are you going to do explanations and such for prep test 62, the december 2010 one?

  6. @anon december 22, 2010 @ 7:45pm

    the correct answer is Saul. This is what I got, and I checked the answer key and it also says Saul (e).

    Check again, and what book are you using that has a wrong answer key??

    Unless mine is wrong... lol

  7. and you know 100% it cant be Holly, because Kate has to be the first FEMALE (not the first student) to attend. So automatically it has to be a male.

  8. where are the october 2011 games?