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Below, you'll find a bunch of free LSAT Test Day resources I've put together. You'll find tons of articles on virtually every aspect of getting ready for the big day.

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General Test Day tips

How to get ready for Test Day

What is Test Day like?

Choosing a test date

After Test Day





General Test Day tips:

10 tips to prepare for the day of the LSAT

3 tips to prepare the day before and day of

LSAT test center ratings and reviews

LSAT proctors, test center reviews, and test-taking strategies

Why LSAT PrepTest scores fluctuate

Test Day tips

LSAT Test Day luck

Lucky LSAT t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, etc.

LSAT Test Day tips summary

LSAC and LSAT fee waiver score report delays

New option to withdraw your LSAT registration from LSAC

Getting around the LSAT 3-times-in-2-years limit: rule change

If the LSAT were a computerized test, cheating, and theft

Digital LSAT? LSAC studies LSAT administration via tablet

How to get ready for Test Day:

LSAT Test Day: breakfast and snack recommendations

LSAT Test Day clothing: what *not* to wear

LSAT test center problems | how to prepare for the worst

How to prepare for the LSAT's experimental section

How to speed up on timed practice exams

Test Day stress and anxiety? | tips, links, and mp3

Creating an LSAT Test Day playlist | songs and mp3

Free LSAT proctor mp3 download

LSAT cheating: how *not* to cheat: tip #197

Self-control: smoking, eating, and LSAT prep

Is LSAT studying in the early morning good?

How to cheat on the LSAT (or not)

Why I'm not wishing you good luck on the LSAT

What is Test Day like?

Before LSAT Test Day, upload photo for admission ticket to LSAC

LSAT Test Day: photo, not thumbprint

LSAT Test Day: Use previous photo?

Average number of hours you'll be there on Test Day

LSAT analog watch / timer for Test Day

Cell phones not allowed at the LSAT

Are cigarettes, coffee, and gum allowed on Test Day?

LSAT Diaries about Test Day

LSAT Blog Update: June 2010 LSAT

LSAT Blog Update: October 2010 LSAT

LSAT Blog Update: December 2010 LSAT

LSAT Blog Update: June 2011 LSAT

Choosing a test date:

LSAT test dates for the 2012-2013 admission cycle

LSAT test dates for the 2011-2012 admission cycle 

LSAT test dates in 2010 and 2011 | change from previous years

Hardest LSAT: Feb, June, Oct, or Dec?

LSAT test center inclement weather closings due to snow

Why the February LSAT is undisclosed

The June LSAT Test Date is on a Monday?

(More on this in my list of law school admissions blog posts.)

After Test Day:

February LSAT score release dates

June LSAT score release dates

October LSAT score release dates

December LSAT score release dates

LSAT score wait / score release comic strip

Should you cancel your LSAT score?

How to cancel your LSAT score

The dinosaur game and whether to cancel your LSAT score

How to challenge a flawed or unfair LSAT question

How to wait a long time for your LSAT score

UTampa February LSAT takers must retake due to lost answer sheets


Getting extra time on the LSAT will get easier | lawsuit settled

How to apply for extra time on the LSAT (series: 1 of 4)

LSAT medical learning disability accommodations forms (2 of 4)

LSAT accommodations extra time from LSAC | links (3 of 4)

LSAT accommodations extended time deadline PDF (4 of 4)

LSAC and a new LSAT ADD lawsuit

Should ADD test-takers get double-time on the LSAT?

Should nursing moms get extra time on the LSAT?

Guy sues LSAC for refusing double-time LSAT accommodations

Extra time on the LSAT for nursing mothers

Justice Department seeks to intervene in lawsuit against LSAC

LSAT Diaries about anxiety, ADHD, and accommodations


LSAT Test Day Checklist


LSAT Test Day Success Course